Pissabed Prophet was born in the resonance field of an MRI machine, as the Rev’d Matthew Simpkins tried to keep himself sane by mentally harmonising over the deafening noise of a medical scanner. Excited by the potential of the sounds, the Rev recruited Dingus Khan and SuperGlu frontman Ben Brown to help him turn these ideas into an EP.…

Saltings on Vinyl

Saltings is now available on Vinyl LP in a limited run of just 90 copies. Be quick to snap them up at! What the press are saying about Saltings: 8/10 Vive le Rock ‘[amid] the tender country strains of Saltings…the intensity builds between the notes…his vocals are magnificent, as is the production…with an outstanding book…

New album and art book ‘SALTINGS’

Saltings is an album of ten illustrations by Tom Knight and ten songs by Matt Simpkins created in and about the ‘saltings’ of Essex. It is a loving portrait of the mystery and beauty of this salt marsh wilderness, and a meditation on the real human cost of the wilderness time of the pandemic. Found within…


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Rev Simpkins

‘spine tingling…imagine Tom Waits collaborating with the early Captain Beefheart on a set of folk-psych songs’ Vive le Rock

‘dark but sublime…often breathtaking’ RnR

Sinner songster, guttural gospeller & pop-poet-priest, the Rev’d Matt Simpkins’s music is an unholy brew of bruising freak blues, string-snapping finger-twanged folk, and sanctified psychedelia. Shades of Captain Beefheart, Pavement, and the Kinks meld with Evensong choirs and pipe organs, pre-war Gospel Blues, string orchestras, brass bands, and Bert Jansch style finger-picking. 

Before he became the fourth generation of his family to be ordained as an Anglican priest, Matt came to musical notoriety through his raucous exploits in Fuzzface, Gospel-fiddle duo Sons of Joy, as a solo artist performing as Rev Simpkins & the Phantom Notes, and by collaborating with the remaining members of the Small Faces to reconstruct their LP Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake.

“Deep, dark…makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up” Maverick Magazine

“Raw, authentic and always riveting” Acoustic Magazine

‘High octane stuff…unique musical style and literate words performed with energy and passion. He must be a gas live.’ fROOTS

“skewed blues and rot-gut jugband swagger…a heady mix” Rock ‘n’ Reel

“I wonder what goes on inside his head” Blues Matters

“…he might just scoop a Mercury Prize…”, East Anglian Daily Times

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