Saltings on Vinyl

Saltings is now available on Vinyl LP in a limited run of just 90 copies. Be quick to snap them up at!

What the press are saying about Saltings:

8/10 Vive le Rock 
‘[amid] the tender country strains of Saltings…the intensity builds between the notes…his vocals are magnificent, as is the production…with an outstanding book by Tom Knight that will take your breath away’ 

★★★★ RNR
‘…an intriguing experience. In less evidence is the bluesy growl of earlier work. Instead, Saltings has a sparser and more traditionally folk approach largely centred around banjo and Simpkins’s extraordinary voice…[Saltings] offers very rich rewards’
‘a triumph…the music within makes for both hypnotic and compulsive listening in its creative juxtaposition and reflection of – and oneness with – the wonderful artwork’
‘an attempt to share the atmosphere and history of the salt marsh wildernesses of Essex, a portrait of their ever-changing tides, skies and seasons, and a meditation on the wilderness time of the pandemic. It’s a beautifully presented release that visually and musically accomplishes its goals.’

Americana UK
‘[Saltings] is fascinating…[Simpkins] has a haunting voice, used to great effect on some very atmospheric songs, with messages of hope in dark times…Saltings will reward you many times over with repeated listenings.

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